FishPond Thunderhead Submersible Fly Fishing Backpack

Fly fishing requires gear that can keep up with the challenges presented by unpredictable nature. The FishPond Thunderhead Submersible Fly Fishing Backpack, positions itself as an essential companion for anglers who demand functionality without compromising on quality.

Design & Build

Right off the bat, the Thunderhead’s design impresses with its robust build quality. FishPond has always been recognized for its commitment to durable products, and the Thunderhead is no exception. The backpack’s ergonomic design ensures comfort during long treks to your favorite fishing spots.

Submersibility & Waterproofing

The highlight of the Thunderhead is, of course, its submersibility. This backpack offers superior waterproof protection. Whether you’re wading through streams or get caught in a downpour, the contents of your bag remain dry. The TIZIPĀ® zipper, often hailed for its water-tight sealing capabilities, ensures that water stays out.

Storage & Compartments

FishPond understands the nuances of fly fishing and the multitude of gear anglers carry. The main compartment is spacious, accommodating a variety of fly boxes, reels, and even snacks for the trip. Moreover, strategically placed external and internal pockets allow for organized storage, ensuring that essential items are easily accessible.

Material & Sustainability

Made with recycled nylon, the Thunderhead not only offers durability but also aligns with FishPond’s sustainability ethos. This is especially significant in an era where outdoor enthusiasts are increasingly conscious about the environmental footprint of their gear.

Comfort & Wearability

For any backpack, especially one that might be worn for extended periods, comfort is paramount. The Thunderhead excels with its padded straps and back panel. The weight distribution design ensures that even when packed full, the bag doesn’t feel overly cumbersome.

Additional Features

FishPond has incorporated several additional features that enhance the usability of the Thunderhead. D-ring attachments, gear straps, and tool docking capabilities make it a versatile choice for both amateur and seasoned anglers.


  • Superior waterproofing and submersibility
  • Robust build with recycled materials
  • Ample storage options and compartments for organized packing
  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Versatile and feature-rich


  • While I cannot specify a con without using the Thunderhead more rigorously – common issues users might raise could include the price point, potential weight, or perhaps the lack of certain specific features they desire.


The FishPond Thunderhead Submersible Fly Fishing Backpack is an exceptional piece of gear tailored for anglers who won’t compromise on quality. Its submersibility sets it apart, ensuring peace of mind even in the most challenging conditions. While it’s an investment, the backpack promises durability, functionality, and comfort, making it a worthy companion for all fly fishing adventures.

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Buy the Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible from FishPond for $299.95 [August 2023]

Buy the Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible from Amazon for $299.95 [August 2023]

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