Frankie’s at The Casanova Restaurant Review: Culinary Delights and Charming Ambiance

Nestled in the heart of New Mexico, Frankie’s at The Casanova is a culinary gem that combines delectable cuisine, warm hospitality, and a charming ambiance. With its commitment to locally sourced ingredients, innovative dishes, and exceptional service, Frankie’s offers a delightful dining experience for locals and visitors alike. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the restaurant’s ambiance, menu highlights, service, and overall dining experience.

Ambiance: Stepping into Frankie’s at The Casanova, guests are greeted by a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant’s rustic charm, adorned with southwestern-inspired decor, creates an inviting space that exudes warmth and character. The cozy seating arrangements, soft lighting, and tasteful artwork contribute to an intimate dining experience perfect for a romantic evening or a gathering of friends.

Frankie’s at the Casanova is a popular restaurant in Pecos, New Mexico. It is located in a historic building that was once a hotel. The restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with exposed brick walls, wood beams, and a fireplace.

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Frankie’s at the Casanova restaurant in Pecos, New Mexico 

The menu at Frankie’s features classic American cuisine, with a focus on New Mexican flavors. Some of the popular dishes include the huevos rancheros, the green chile cheeseburger, and the chicken fried steak. The restaurant also has a full bar, with a wide selection of beers, wines, and cocktails.

The service at Frankie’s is friendly and attentive. The wait staff is knowledgeable about the menu and can help you choose the perfect dish. The prices at Frankie’s are reasonable, making it a great option for a casual meal.

Menu Highlights:

  1. New Mexican Cuisine with a Contemporary Twist: Frankie’s at The Casanova showcases the flavors and ingredients of New Mexico with a creative and modern approach. The menu features a diverse range of dishes that celebrate the region’s culinary heritage while incorporating innovative techniques and flavors. From green chile-infused sauces to locally sourced meats and fresh produce, each dish reflects the restaurant’s commitment to quality and authenticity.
  2. Signature Dishes: Standout dishes at Frankie’s include succulent green chile pork tenderloin, perfectly seared local trout, and flavorful enchiladas smothered in traditional red or green chile sauce. The menu also offers vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring there is something to suit every palate.
  3. Craft Cocktails and Local Libations: Frankie’s bar offers an impressive selection of handcrafted cocktails, showcasing locally distilled spirits and incorporating regional ingredients. Sip on a refreshing prickly pear margarita or enjoy a perfectly paired wine from the well-curated list. The attentive and knowledgeable bartenders are happy to guide guests through the diverse offerings.

Service: The service at Frankie’s at The Casanova is attentive, knowledgeable, and genuinely welcoming. The staff exudes a passion for both the cuisine and the dining experience, providing recommendations, answering questions, and ensuring that each guest feels well taken care of. The servers strike a perfect balance between attentiveness and giving diners the space to enjoy their meals at a leisurely pace.

Frankie’s at The Casanova offers a memorable dining experience that embraces the flavors and traditions of New Mexico while infusing them with contemporary flair. The combination of mouthwatering dishes, a charming ambiance, and attentive service makes it an ideal destination for both locals and tourists seeking an exceptional culinary journey.

Overall, Frankie’s at the Casanova is a great place to enjoy a meal in Pecos. The food is delicious, the service is friendly, and the atmosphere is inviting. I highly recommend it!

Here are some of the pros and cons of Frankie’s at the Casanova:


  • Delicious food
  • Friendly service
  • Inviting atmosphere
  • Reasonable prices


  • Can be crowded at times
  • Parking can be limited

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your meal at Frankie’s at the Casanova:

  • Come early to avoid the crowds.
  • Order the huevos rancheros.
  • Save room for dessert.

Please note that it is advisable to make a reservation at Frankie’s, especially during peak dining hours, to ensure availability. Prices and menu items may be subject to change, so it’s recommended to check the restaurant’s website for the most up-to-date information.

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