Gerber Dime

All of us understand the feeling of being unprepared. Whether you’re fishing, hiking, or camping, you always want to be ready for anything. That’s why Gerber has come up with the Dime – an impressive mini tool that fits on your keychain. With a list of features that will surely make your life easier, this handy tool has everything you need to get things done. Available in multiple colors and a bladeless version as well, it’s impossible to go wrong with this one.

A must-have for every adventurer, the Gerber Dime is a miniature multi-tool that fits on your keychain. With 12 tools in one, you’ll be ready for anything. From opening stuck jars to fixing a puncture, this tool has you covered. Get it in multiple colors and a bladeless version too!

Review of the Gerber Dime Pocket Multitool

The Gerber Dime is more than just a pocket-sized multitool—it’s a compact lifesaver that should be a staple in everyone’s daily kit. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or someone who just likes to be prepared for everyday hitches, the Dime is designed to assist in a pinch.

Design and Size

The first thing you notice about the Gerber Dime is its compact size. With a closed length of just 2.75 inches, it easily fits in your pocket, on a keychain, or in a small compartment in your bag. But don’t be fooled by its size—this multitool is robust and built to last, with a design that feels solid in hand.


Featuring a total of 10 tools, the Dime ensures that the most essential functionalities are at your fingertips. This includes:

  • Fine edge blade
  • Retail package opener
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Crosshead driver
  • Bottle opener
  • Wire cutters
  • File
  • Pliers

One standout feature is the retail package opener—a godsend for anyone who’s ever struggled with the plastic packaging most items seem to come in these days.


The tools on the Dime open smoothly, lock into place securely, and feel durable. The pliers are spring-loaded, making them easy to use, and the scissors are sharp and effective. The blade, while small, is up to most everyday tasks. It’s worth noting, however, that like all multitools, the Dime’s functionalities are designed for convenience rather than heavy-duty tasks.


The Dime’s compact nature is one of its strongest assets. It’s lightweight and can be attached to a keychain without adding excessive bulk. This means you’re likely to have it on hand when you need it, making everyday tasks—from opening bottles to cutting string—that much easier.

Final Thoughts

The Gerber Dime pocket multitool is an excellent addition to anyone’s everyday carry. It’s designed for those moments when you need a tool but don’t have your full kit with you. While it might not replace larger, more specialized tools for heavy-duty tasks, it’s a reliable, well-built tool that covers the basics and then some. In terms of value, functionality, and portability, the Gerber Dime stands out as a pocket-sized powerhouse.

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